Through our portfolio companies, Royal Eagle provides a wide range of capital solutions for SME's and their owners to unlock their growth and disrupt the market using the following:

  • Private Equity
  • Access to public capital markets
  • Asset-backed lending and debt restructuring
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Tokenization of assets using blockchain
  • E-Banking with the use of digital wallets.
  • Insure-Tech
  • Use of financial and legal structures, like Royalties contracts & SPV's, PPA’s agreements, Joint Venture and Merger and Acquisition situations.

To achieve our mission, we have divided the Company into three major divisions under 2030 Royal Eagle Sustainability Core Strategy framework:

  1. Royal Eagle Capital ESG Income Fund I
  2. Frakblock Fintech Company
  3. NVM Capital Wealth Management & Advisory

Our goal is to be the partner of choice of small and middle-market companies and be recognized as a company that creates a better life and future for our investors, partners, employees, and communities we served.

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