Royal Eagle Capital Partners Global Energy

RECP Global Renewable Energy

RECP Global Renewable Energy

Royal Eagle Capital Partner's Global Renewable Energy Portfolio specializes in the following:

  • Hydro Power 
  • Solar Power 
  • Wind Power
  • Waste to Clean Energy 

Currently RECP Global Renewable Energy portfolio consist of the following:

  • Total of 350+ MW in pipeline
  • Current engagement in a 60MW portfolio; which consist of the following:
    • Colombia:  Solar and Waste to Energy Facility
    • Panama: Solar and Hydro Facility 

RECP Global Renewable Energy works with the following Capital Markets:

  • US SEC lead investment bank
  • Mexico Capital Markets 
  • Canadian Capital Markets
  • Norway Capital markets  


  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica


The investment process is focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues when making investment decisions and adhering to strict GREEN mandates and reporting.

Our Values

Our Values

Specialization in focusing on the following:

  • Risk-Adjusted Returns
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Specialization 

Royal Eagle Cove™ Model

  • Controlling Position:  De-risk of assets via SPV companies and ability to implement de-risking framework from corporate governance position. 
  • Operational Expertise:  RECP works with and/or implements substantially experienced industry leaders to ensure leadership understands the the ESG, Green and shareholder mandates.
  • Valuation:  RECP seeks to increase valuation (pre/post money) through technology, efficiencies and partnership.
  • Exit:  RECP seeks assets that have a clear path to exit and monetization in order to provide total return to investors. 

Royal Eagle Capital Partners Ready-to-Build Model

RECP focuses on projects that adhere to our Ready-to-Build Model which includes at minimum the following requirements:

  • Full Environmental Assessments 
  • Fully Shovel ready or Operating 
  • Connection to the Grid
  • Verifiable and Solid PPA Agreements

Royal Eagle Capital Partners Green & ESG Model

RECP works with independent third parties to provide the following information:

  • Environmental and Technical Analysis 
  • Corporate and Environmental Sustainability Partners
  • Green Bond "Stamp" and Second Opinions