Our Mission

Our investment approach allows us to access to attract private investment opportunities in the USA and Latin America thus creating a regionally diversified portfolio that is non-correlated to public securities with a significantly lower standard deviation than U.S. stocks or bonds.

We work in collaboration with our Managing Directors and strategic deal source partners on the countries we operate that provide deep local networks, a firm understanding of the local culture and regulatory environment.

Our 360° grade assessments through our internal resources and third-party M&A Advisory companies, we perform a strict due diligence process to ensure that our investments can demonstrate strong, independent risk controls and a willingness to screen for and track impact and ESG practices.

The opportunity for participating in USA, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, and Brazil is significant. The key is how best to access to local opportunities.

We believe that giving financing options to private companies represents a unique investment opportunity that can offer both a competitive financial return and the potential to create a positive, measurable impact.

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