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Our Impact

Our Impact

People and the planet. One cannot be separated from the other. Our responsibility is to do the best for both in a measurable way. That’s why we team up with experts in other fields.


First dark green fund rating by CICERO

Our dark green Cicero-stamped bonds are used to invest in a sustainable, cleaner, and certified greener future.

CICERO has played an active
role in the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change for almost thirty years, as one of the world’s
foremost institutes for interdisciplinary climate research.

Since 2008, CICERO Green (CICERO Shades of Green), has been recognized as leading provider of independent reviews of green bonds, providing institutions guidance for assessing eligibility of green bond investments
CICERO Green awards light, medium, or dark green. Dark green is reserved for projects and solutions that correspond to “the long-term vision of a low carbon and climate resilient future.”

RECAP earned the first Dark Green Fund certification from CICERO Green in early 2021.


3R's rigorous Environmental, Social and Governance processes breed accountability

The metrics related to our efforts serve as a guidepost to us and a sign of our commitment to our investors  

3R Sustainability understands that metrics are becoming
increasingly important for investors and asset managers.

That is why we work with them on integrating Environmental, Social, & Governance principals into everything we do.

3R’s process runs from determining industry and operations related KPIs, to data collection and tracking, and concludes with public reporting. That means that you will always know where we are on delivering on our promises.


“Operational assets across Latam and the US gives us the opportunity to create local partnerships that benefit all.”

– Ronel Golden, RECAP Advisory Board Member.


Do you represent an organization that wants to partner with us? Let us know!


36 million people in Latin American and the Caribbean don’t have access to electricity.

One hydro-plant of xxKw can run xxx4-person households  
Do you represent an organization that
wants to partner with us? Let us know!
Located in the heart of the energy cpaital of the world, our houston officeis at the cutting edge of renewable technology evolution  

"Our approach is to generate integrated and collaboriatve opportunities that foster independence in the communities we serve. "

– Alejandro Mendez, Co-Founder and Group CEO

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