The US Capital Royal Eagle High Income Green Fund


We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

Green Stamped

Our fund has been issued by a SEC registered Investment bank and are Green Bond Stamped


Portfolio is securitized by physical assets


ERISA and Taxable accounts accepted.  We work with one of America's Largest Alternative Investment Custodians for Private Placements. 

How We Work

Income and People

Reduce the carbon footprint while still making high income

Finding True North

Have the ability to create the energy for future generations; while, securing your portfolio with income producing real assets. 


Investments have the oversight of investment committees,  International Capital Market Association (ICMA) regulations and SEC Investment Bank 


The vast majority of our projects will be co-sponsored; which, increases due diligences and diversifies risk. 

How We Work


<strong>Innovation in Energy and Finance</strong>

Innovation in Energy and Finance

Innovation is vital to adopt and pivot as significant challenges continue to encroach our energy sources.  The financial industry must adapt and create solutions that address the needs to both investors and operators.  

<strong>Common Sense Still Exist&#160;</strong>

Common Sense Still Exist 

Royal Eagle Capital Partners employs common sense philosophy:  Good People, Doing Good Jobs and Income backed by Real Assets.  Call us old-fashion but we like to still hold and see our investments; while, employing technology to maximize efficiency to increase output.  

Income and Future&#160;

Income and Future 

1.    Provide investors with a fixed income backed by physical assets in renewable and sustainable energy projects. 

2.    Invested in sustainable and renewable energy projects. 

3.    Be compliant with the ICMA Green Bond Principles (2018).

The Offering 

Size of Offering:


Minimum Investment:


Interest Rate:

Up to $100 Million USD

$1000 per Issue


5 Years

10% per annum, paid quarterly 

Registered Eligibility: 


Frame Work:



Unique Features:

Taxable, ERISA, Institutional

Security Agreement (refer to Offering Memo)


Kingdom Trust 

Cryptocurrency Funding

Documents for Review

Investment Summary Documents