Financial Technology 

Financial Technology 

  • We are a Fintech where we build financial solutions for the popularsector.
  • In Latin America we take the region's market economy to a new level through the development of digital projects.
  • This motivates us to venture into Mexico by creating innovative and necessary solutions and products to boost its economy to a new level, providing social improvement to the popular sector.
  • We want our solutions to lead the local market and help each of our customers.
  • We have 80 years of experience in investment banking, international market finance, operations and project management for IT solutions.
  • Our team is made up of a diverse group of successful entrepreneurs, experts with experience on the global business scale.
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  • Platform created for Latin America
  • Launch in 2021, headquartered in Panama
  • Remittance 
  • Micro Lending 
  • Mortgages  
  • Financial Services


  • Brining Technology to Rural Areas using Optic Technology 
  • Ability to work Business to Business 
  • Emphasis on Women as Head of the Household 
  • Brining Financial Education and Stewardship 


  • Visa and Mastercard Branding 
  • Proprietor Credit Scoring Algorithm 
  • Panama 2021, Mexico 2022