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We invest in commercially viable projects that accellerate the transition to renewable energy while increasing social and financial inclusion in low-carbon environment.


“There is a pendulum shifting that is taking the world in whole new trajectories. We have seen the Green Movement. We have experienced the ESG demand by shareholders and boards. Investors are demanding transparency; while, still requiring a total return and clear path to success. RECAP has the ability to design the framework to mitigate risk; while, identifying projects that are highly collateralized, provide high coupon rates and retain the majority equity position in portfolio companies. There is a delicate balance between retaining the essence of the local operator and the exposure RECAP has to global capital markets.”


  • Renewable Energy Infrastructure

    We invest in commercially viable solutions that accelerate the climate transition and increase social and financial inclusion in a low-carbon economy.


    Why Latin America?

    • Latin America’s middle class has been expanding and there is an additional pressure to supply energy
    • The regions demand for electricity is increasing year-on-year and social mobility has created a dire need for more energy consumption.
    • Renewable energy procurement has become an increasingly important part of corporate strategy.
    • According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), by 2050, Latin America will see an additional 131GW of installed wind capacity and 172GW of new solar capacity.

    “The shortage of risk capital available to Latin American SMEs combined with the increasing demand for green energy prompted Royal Eagle Global Energy to step into the gap and become the long-term partner of choice for the region’s middle-market operators that focus on sustainability.”


    Structured to Mitigate Risk

    Business and life experience on all sides of the borders help us create frameworks and systems that mitigate risks and instill trust that our investors will maximize their returns through secure investments, while having a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

    • Vetted investment targets
    • Transparency and accountability underwritten by reputable custodians and partners
    • Boots on the ground for ongoing physical oversight
    • Boots on the ground for ongoing physical oversight
    • Deep financial, industry, geographic, and cultural experience/expertise
    • Access to opportunities at preferred rates and equity positions

    One hydro-plant of xxKw can run xxx 4-person households

    One hydro-plant of xxKw can run xxx 4-person households

    One hydro-plant of xxKw can run xxx 4-person households

    One hydro-plant of xxKw can run xxx 4-person households

  • Registered Investment Advisory

    Deliberate and measured financial planning

    NVM Capital Partners


    NVM Capital Partners develops tailored alternative investment, tax mitigation, capital sourcing, and wealth management strategies for individuals and institutional clients that are aligned to their short-, medium-, and long-term goals

    Our cross-regional experience and investment approach allows us access to attractive private investment opportunities in the USA and Latin America. The regionally diversified portfolios we create are non-correlated to public securities and can offer a significantly lower standard deviation than U.S. stocks or bonds.

  • Fintech

    Technological solutions for financial inclusion


    Money Matters

    Creating an intuitive technological platform for unbanked and underserved communities in the Latam region.

    With obsessive focus on customer experience, FrakBlock offers access to Financial Products that are configurable to our users’ unique lifestyle needs


    The underlying algorithms of our AI-based engine, FrakScore, enables it to detect, predict, and learn from user activity trends to make available a relevant and comprehensive set of financial and lifestyle services.

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